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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

REPORT NO. 31: Reconstruction Permata Hati Hospital

From ABV Scope for Permata Hati Hospital Aceh, conducted in December 2005, by Maryan Heffernan

REPORT NO. 31: Reconstruction Permata Hati Hospital

From ABV Scope for Permata Hati Hospital Aceh, conducted in December 2005 by Maryan Heffernan

REPORT NO. 31: Reconstruction Permata Hati Hospital

From ABV Scope for Permata Hati Hospital, conducted in December 2005 by Maryan Heffernan

Saturday, January 28, 2006

REPORT NO. 30: Reconstruction Permata Hati Hospital

Clockwise: Top left: Training room finished (Donation from Bless Indonesia Today)
Top & bottom right: Trainers, participants of COOKING DEMO – POTATO FLAKES for Aceh people, utilized our training facilities.
Bottom left: The east wing building (Donation from Bisnis Indonesia Newspaper and Northwest Medical Teams International)

Prof. Hans Jeekel (Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam) and Dr. Jacob Hoogenhout (ONS Foundation, Nijmegen) scheduled to visit PHH and Medical Faculty Syiah Kuala University on 13-15 February 06.
Discussion with PHH & Medical Faculty:
* Hospital issues, Posyandu/mobile team for primary health care
* Cooperation/exchange students with Medical Faculty
* Guest lecture: International affairs of EMC, experience mobile team in Kenya, digestive surgery
* Field visit to Posyandu and Zainul Abdin Hospital (Teaching hospital of Medical Faculty).
* Placing commemoration placard of ONS Foundation, simultaneous with opening ceremony of training facilities by Bless Indonesia Today (Monday, 13 February 06, lunch time)
SECOND floor of the east wing of PHH will be finished this month. Due to local situation (long holiday Idl Fitr, Idl Adha and one year tsunami remembrance) and technical problems (heavy rains, sort of materials mostly woods and bricks – so many housing reconstruction in Aceh), we delay again, the best estimate: March 06. We are very sorry for this uncontrollable situation.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Genjah TEAK WOOD PLANTLET (Tectona grandis L.) is produced through tissue culture technique from the best Indonesian teak wood.
The original primary clone was selected by the local state forestry agency from 50 best tree of the Indonesian 600,000 hectare teak wood forest.
Using tissue culture technique, the genetic materials of the primary clone is safely preserved, producing high quality teak wood tree.
LABORATORY: Kompleks IPB Barangsiang IV Blok B/13, Bogor 16144, Indonesia Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Improved nursing care, knowledge and skill through work shops and seminars done by professionals who have worked in a better system and are commited to sharing their knowledge and experience.

HEAD OFFICE: Jl. Hegarmanah 10, Bandung 40141, West Java, Indonesia. Ph: +62 22 7034 4061 Mobile: 0819 3135 7031 Email: yohomedical@hotmail.com

* There is growing concern in both the community and medical profession about gap in medical care and knowledge in Indonesia compared to other countries around the world.

* For this reason I.H.C. was founded. An organization in Indonesia for Indonesia caring for Indonesia.

* I.H.C. is a company made up of local and overseas business men and medical professionals dedicated to the improvement in knowledge, skills and all facets of health in Indonesia.

* After working closely with several hospitals in the area we have seen first hand many of the problems that exist and more important we believe we know how to bridge the gap.

Although we are very commited to the improvement of health in Indonesia it is not all we do. All aspects of health and are covered and done by our organization.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Grand Setiabudi Apartment,
Jl.Setiabudi No.130, Bandung
Room No, 620
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
1 living room
1 kitchen
Fully air-conditioned
TV [15 channel]
Microwave, refrigerator, waterheater.

Apartment facilities: Swimming Pool , Fitness Center , Cafe
Room rate: Rp.500.000,- / night excl. breakfast
Contact: 081931255891 (Tara)

Saturday, January 21, 2006


 Posted by Picasa

WTP micro hydraulic Capacity 3,000-5,000 liters/hour

Price FOB Bandung, Indonesia: Rp 85,000,000 (US$ 9,000). Excluding: Installation, training, VAT.

Ideal for community development program/ Clean water program in the third world. Posted by Picasa

Mobile Unit Water Treatment Plant

Capacity: 15,000 liters/hours Posted by Picasa

Community base - Water Treatment Plant

Researchers from Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB) developed micro-hydrolics water treatment plant. Easy to operate (needs only one day training for layman operator). Ideal for lack of clean water supply community.

Mobile unit: Rp 600,000,000 (US$ 65,000) FOB Bandung, Indonesia. Excluding: truck, installation, training, VAT. Capacity: 15,000 lites/hour.

WTP-micro hydraulic capacity 3,000 - 5,000 liters/hour: Rp 85,000,000 (US$ 9,000). Excluding: installation, training, VAT.

To maintain a supply of water source and for environmental protection, rain water harvesting technology is available.

Further information please contact: kadar@bdg.centrin.net.id

Manufacturer: PT Lapi Indowater ITB, Jalan Dayang Sumbi No. 7, Bandung.

Friday, January 20, 2006

International Medical Specialist Referral Center

National Heart Centre
National Skin Centre
Singapore National Eye Centre
Gleneagles Hospital
Mount Elizabeth Hospital
Thomson Medical Centre
Alexandra Hospital
Institute of Mental Health
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Person: 2-6
Facilities: Air-conditioning, television and communal toilets
Optional facilities: Adjoining toilets, kitchen and self-service laudrette
Amenities: Food centres within walking distance and laundry services
Transportation: Public transport (MRT and Buses) within walking distance
Price range: SGD 30-90/day

Every Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 9.00 am Merpati Airlines, starts US$ 145

101, Upper Cross Street, #05-35
People`s Park Center
Singapore 058357
Tel/Fax: +65 3149281
Mobile: +65 9786817
Email: contact@yohomedical.com
Website: www.yohomedical.com

Website: www.inacita.com

Health related business, technology scout

LET ME WORK ON YOUR BEHALF: health related business, pharmaceutical, biotech, research, education, distance learning, training, hospital, technology transfer, humanitarian work

Not-for-profit organisation: www.inacita.com

LIST OF ACTIVITIES, more information please email: kadar@bdg.centrin.net.id
Pharmaceutical business
Help Aceh
International medical specialist referral center
Community base - Water treatment plant/Rain water harvesting
Indonesian herbal forum
Hospital management
Inspirational training: Live longer better till 100 years
International nursing training